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Exiting Weaverville Customer Gets Iron And Carbon Filters   Recently updated !

Existing customer in Weaverville already had one of our water softeners but had recently started to notice staining and a bad taste to the water. They brought in a bottle sample of water to the office for our free testing. Results showed that they needed an iron filter and a carbon filter. Our American Made […]

Weaverville Customer Gets New Iron and Carbon Filter

New Water Neutralizer Filtration Install In Mars Hill

An existing customer in Mars Hill needed to upgrade her water filtration system.  She already had a softener for the hard water issues from Mountain Water Systems but noticed a metallic taste recently. Our free water testing result showed the pH balance was low, which means the water was acidic. The low pH was causing leaks in […]

Exiting Customer needed water filter upgrade in Mars hill

Platinum Series Softener & Iron Filter Install In Asheville

A new customer in the Asheville area came by the office to take advantage of our free water testing. After showing her our different product levels of filtration systems, she decided to purchase our top of the line Platinum Series  water softener and iron filter. After talking to her for a while; we realized this […]

Platinum Series water softener & iron filter

Asheville Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

Asheville Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

New Asheville customer called into the office with complaints of her existing filtration system not working. We did the evaluation to find out that the tanks were extremely outdated. The customer was renovating her home and did not want the iron staining and white build-up to ruin her appliances, fixtures, and clothing. We recommended replacing […]

Hard Water Issues Drives Family To Get Water Softener

Hard Water Issues Drives Family To Get Water Softener

Family in Weaverville knew they were having hard water issues and was worried about damage to their water heater and new appliances. They were also spending a lot of money on bottled water. They brought in a bottle of their sampled water to the store for our free testing. Within just a few minutes after […]