New Iron Filter Stop Water Staining In Burnsville Home

This Burnsville customer had complaints of discolored water and staining. They originally came to us because the existing iron filter was not working properly. We performed our free water test in the office to find that the well has a significant amount of iron and the existing filter was not appropriately sized for the home. […]

Iron Filter Install For Burnsville Customer

Burnsville Customer removes iron and hard water

Water Softener & Iron Filter Helps Burnsville Customer

This Burnsville customer came into our office to take advantage of our free water test. The main complaints were staining and discoloration of clothes and fixtures. They had the results and recommendation within minutes. We installed an iron filter to remove the iron and a water softener to remove the hard water. No more staining […]

Bad Water Odor And Taste Has New Customer In Burnsville Calling

This new Burnsville customer came into our Asheville office multiple times to discuss his water issues. He brought us a water sample for our free water testing so that we could figure out the cause of his complaints. The water was hard, and it had quite a bit of iron, which was causing the bad […]

Burnsville Customer Get Water Softener, Iron Filter