Hard Water And Iron Stains Is Enough For Fetcher Family

Hard Water And Iron Stains Is Enough For Fetcher Family

This customer in Fletcher was still having iron staining with the existing filtration system (not ours) that was in this home when she moved in. She wanted to know what her options were to have this issue corrected. After testing the water we gave her our recommendations, and she chose to replace the old out-dated […]

Existing Fletcher Customer Upgrades Filtration System

One of our existing customers in Fletcher¬† knew it was time for a water filtration upgrade. His old softener & iron filter was going downhill fast. The issue with this well water was iron staining and hard water buildup. We upgraded to our American Made iron filter and water softener. Everything’s set up, so the […]

Hard Water & Staining Gone In Fletcher

Best Iron Filter Installed For Customer’s Fletcher Home

A family in Fletcher just had MWS install their top of the line Platinum Iron filter system! Alongside an existing water softener. They had noticed a discoloration and also a metallic smell and taste.The customer decided to invest and get the best iron filter available in Asheville and also in the industry. They Googled best […]