Weaverville Customer With Water Hardness Iron Staining

Customer Had Water Hardness And Iron Staining Issues

This Weaverville customer called our office due to their rental home having water hardness and discolored (iron) water with staining. This customer had an existing filtration tank that was inadequate for the water issues and the size of the home. Other companies (plumbers) had been trying to solve their water issues, but with no avail […]

Weaverville Customer Upgrades Softener & Iron Filter

  This Weaverville “existing” customer that we have provided service to for many years was having issues with the softener & iron filter. The water system was no longer doing its job. Hard water was in it! So, we did the free water test and recommended our American Made Iron filter and Water softener. They […]

Weaverville Customer Upgrades Whole System

Weaverville Customer Gets Iron Filter

Weaverville Customer Gets New Iron Filter For Brown Water

New Weaverville customer came into our office with complaints of brown colored water. He was wondering why his water softener system that he currently has wasn’t doing the job. His well water had gotten progressively worse over the years, and the water softener was working overtime. He had a sample of his water, and we […]

Weaverville Customer Upgrades Whole House Filtration System

Existing customer in Weaverville had a water softener purchased years ago. Recently they were having a constant problem with iron staining and also as we found out after our free testing a low pH balance. So they decided to go for the complete water filtration upgrade. A water softener to remove minerals in the water. An […]

Weaverville Customer Upgrades Three water filters

Weaverville Family Removes Sulfur Odor With Carbon Filter

Weaverville Family Removes Sulfur Odor With Carbon Filter

Weaverville customer had a smelly problem! Their water had a sulfur odor and something had to be done. Googled smelly house water, and Mountain Water Systems website came up. They called the office to see what could be done. They had an existing filtration system, but it was not doing the job. We tested the sampled water […]

Weaverville Family Upgrades Iron & Water Softener System

New Weaverville customer purchased a home with an existing water softener and iron filter system. They came into our office to have their water tested because they were not sure how long it had been since the previous service. The Free water test showed iron coming through into the home as well as hard water. […]

Weaverville Family Upgrade Iron & Water Softener Systems

Weaverville Customer Gets New Iron and Carbon Filter

Exiting Weaverville Customer Gets Iron And Carbon Filters

Existing customer in Weaverville already had one of our water softeners but had recently started to notice staining and a bad taste to the water. They brought in a bottle sample of water to the office for our free testing. Results showed that they needed an iron filter and a carbon filter. Our American Made […]

Hard Water Issues Drives Family To Get Water Softener

Family in Weaverville knew they were having hard water issues and was worried about damage to their water heater and new appliances. They were also spending a lot of money on bottled water. They brought in a bottle of their sampled water to the store for our free testing. Within just a few minutes after […]

Hard Water Issues Drives Family To Get Water Softener

Weaverville Family Gets The Whole Water Filtration System

Weaverville Family Gets The Whole Water Filtration System

Family in Weaverville replaces their old filtration system with our Made In USA system. They decided to go with a three filtration system. They purchased a water softener for hard water issues, and a neutralizer for pH balance issues and a carbon filter to purify the water.  This was a huge upgrade and investment! But […]