Asheville Customer Gets New Softener For Hard Water Issue

New Customer Gets Water Softener For Hard Water In AshevilleThis new Asheville customer recently purchased a home and noticed issues with the existing water softener. Hard water was really bad, so she called us (Mountain Water Systems) to see if we could help. After the free testing of the water, it was determined that a new softener was needed.

American Made Softeners And Iron Filters And More

We replaced her existing softener with one of our American Made water softeners. We special ordered a small brine tank for this install because there wasn’t enough space in the closet for the usual size. We did a full cycle of the softener before we left and they called later that day to update us about the prodigious improvement with their water with our system.

Here at MWS we have all of your filtration solutions! Iron filter carbon filters and neutralizers.

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