Asheville Family Get Water Filtration System For New Home

Asheville Family Get Water Filtration System For New HomeAsheville family having just completed with their new built home they wanted to have their well water tested and treated before moving in. Knowing that some wells can have high levels of minerals, that in the long run could damage pipes and appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. They searched on the computer and googled “water filtration and softeners in the Asheville area.” Mountain Water Systems came up and as the customer said “dominated the front page of a Google search”. They brought their sample bottle of water into our store in North Asheville on Weaverville Rd and after the free test we scheduled a date for the new filtration system to be installed. Before this family moved into their new home, Mountain Water Systems had their filtration system set up.

They had a water softener for the hard water and an iron filter for the smelly, discolored water. The new customers were jubilant with the fact that they had a superior water filtration system and that it’s American Made. The water filtration system installed is basically maintenance-free and only requires handling the bags of salt to go into the brine tank for the softener and an annual service. Call 828- 683-5400 for more info