Calcium Build Up Solved With Water Softener

Softener and Neutralizer Install Family in Weaverville just got a new install of a water softener for their hard water, (calcium building up in all the fixtures in the bathrooms and also the kitchen)., and a Neutralizer because of the a acidic water that they were getting from there well. Well !! they already see the difference in the quality of water right after the install.

Jim’s Workmanship In A Water  Softener  Install

Jim's Quality Work If you look a little closer to the picture above that I have provided in this blog you will notice Jim’s quality work in his piping and also the elbows and joints for the water softener and neutralizer.




Geneva The Office Manager


So bring us your bad water to the office for a free water test. Or call the office for more information and talk with Geneva at 828-683-5400