Alexander Customer Needs Neutralizer and a Water Softener

This Alexander customer brought a water sample into our office for our free water test. We found that the water was acidic (low pH) and had some water hardness. Therefore, we recommended and installed a Neutralizer and a Water Softener to give this new customer […]

Happy Family in Alexander

Existing Customer in Weaverville adds Settling Tank

Existing Weaverville customer have used Mountain Water Systems products and services for years. They already have a Water Softener from us. Their well-water supply has always produced sediment, but the sediment filter (small canister) was sufficient at the time. Unfortunately, the mineral residue has worsened. […]

Settling Tank fixes the Problem

Settling Tank, a Neutralizer and Softener for Arden Customer

The customer in Arden had existing water filtration equipment in place that was not adequately treating the water. We performed our free-in-office water testing offer and discussed water issues with the homeowner. Results showed that they had acidic water, a small amount of hardness, and […]

Arden Customer Loves the Upgrade!