Custom Water Softener Carbon Filter System For City Water

Custom Water Softener Carbon Filter System For City Water

Customer in the City of Asheville has city water and was not happy with the quality of the water provided. They were looking for a solution that could possibly removed some of the chemicals that are in city water and they were looking into some kind of water filtration system.

Customer typed in water softener system for city water in Google and Mountain Water Systems web site came up number one. They brought in their sample of water for our FREE TEST @ the office and after a few weeks we started the installation. There was one problem. The space that was to be used for the water softener and carbon filter needed a customization system. Mountain Water Systems provided that solution with a custom-built water filtration system using our top of the line system Platinum Series 

Great City Water With No Smell Or Taste Of Chlorine

After the setup we tested the city water with tall glasses of water and they just could not believe no more smell or taste of Chlorine and any other elements that are in the city water. Water is now drinkable !

Platinum Series Water Softener Install in Asheville