Customer In Candler Gets Iron Filter For Rusty Water

Customer In Candler Gets Iron Filter For Rusty WaterA Mountain Water Systems  “existing customer” in Candler NC was complaining about a rusty, metallic taste and decoloration of their water at their home. Staining in the bath tub and sinks was getting worse. They have a water softener and a neutralizer that they had bought from us several years ago. So they knew what to do. They brought their sample bottle of water to our office for the free water test.

Sure enough!  There was a high level of iron in the water. So they gave the go ahead and order the new American Made iron filter we recommended. After the install, the iron was removed from the water. No more stains and no more bad taste, just great water. Iron, water softener filtration systems also protect your plumbing, water heater, and appliances.

That’s our mission here at Mountain Water Systems; we improve the quality of your well water or even city water.  That enhances your life. So give us a call at 828 683 5400. Geneva is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Geneva The Office Manager