Neutralizer, Water Softener Installed for Tennessee Family

First Tennessee Neutralizer, Softener InstallThis new customer in Tennessee was desperate to find a water filtration company to fix their water issue. Pipes were leaking from the fixtures and in the showerheads. They found us on the internet, read a few of our install stories on the blog page then called. Asked if we would even consider coming to Tennessee to help them. They describe their issue and even drove to the office with their water sample for the free testing. We determined that they had almost zero pH levels that were damaging the plumbing. They also had high levels of hardness in the water.

New Neutralizer and Water Softener does the Job

So we installed the new Neutralizer to correct the pH balance issue. We also installed the Water Softener to remove the hard water problem. Our new customers are just beside themselves with this installation job and the difference in their water supply. If you are having water issues, we can help! Email us by clicking here