New Iron Filter Stop Water Staining In Burnsville Home

Iron Filter Install For Burnsville CustomerThis Burnsville customer had complaints of discolored water and staining. They originally came to us because the existing iron filter was not working properly. We performed our free water test in the office to find that the well has a significant amount of iron and the existing filter was not appropriately sized for the home. We recommended an upgraded, appropriately sized American Made iron filter. No more discolored water coming into their Burnsville home.

Iron Filter Saves You Money In The Long Term

Do you have a high concentration of iron in your well?, then an iron filter is the way to go. Installing an iron filter helps protect your appliances and any other plumbing fixtures from corrosion that happens when iron is coming into your home. And here at Mountain Water Systems we have the best American-made filtration systems in Western North Carolina.

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