New Water Softener Install In Zirconia NC

Just installed a new water softener and replaced a computer motherboard in a Neutralizer, that corrects pH water balance. Family in Zirconia NC  were having hard water issues so having been established customers for their Neutralizer system that also needed service, they dropped off the bottle of  their sample water (FREE TEST).  Tested that they had now also hard water issues and a bad What’s a computer motherboard in their Neutralizer we came equipped with a solution. Family is now enjoying fantastic water for the whole.

Zirconia Softener install


Water Softeners Provide More Then Soft Water

Water softeners also protect your pipes in your home and also your appliances. When you have well water there is a lot of minerals in the water, water softeners and neutralizers give you that added protection for your investment that is your home. Also for your health. Veterinarians will even tell you that giving your animals well water could lead to kidney stones for your pets. Water softeners remove that issue. Mountain Water Systems provide excellent service after the sale.. Call today 828-683-5400