Referral Leads To New Neutralizer, Softener & Iron Filter

Neighbor Referral Leads To Full Water Filtration In FletcherThis Fletcher customer already had a neutralizer, water softener and iron filter but it was not working correctly . A neighbors referral got this future customer to give Mountain Water Systems a call!. We perform a water test with his sampled bottle of water. We gave him the option to work on the existing equipment or replace it with our American Made equipment that comes with a guarantees . The customer decided to get all new filtration equipment . So we installed the latest in water filtration technology, a neutralizer to raise the pH balance, an iron filter to remove iron from the water and a softener to remove any traces of hard water . He was very happy with the end result of the professional installation, and also the explanation on how everything works . Customer notices a huge difference in the quality of the water. Call the office with your questions @ 828-683-5400