Testimonial From Water Softener Repeat Customer

I own a few vacation rentals in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area. I have had Jim & Steve from Mountain Water Systems  install several Water softeners and iron filtration systems for hard water and also rusty, smelly water. Here is my story
Member Comments:

First of all, Jim and Steve have help many of my real estate clients in the past. And all the feedback I have ever received about them has been wonderful.
They tested my water, made recommendations and installed the necessary equipment. They let me know that they were about 2 weeks out on installations. I explained to them that the house that needed the equipment was a vacation rental, the water smelled very bad and was only going to be unoccupied during the next few days. If they could not do the install in the next few days, we would be booked for the next couple months. So they fit me into their installation schedule for the next day. Amazing!
They installed everything they promised!
They did it when they said they would!
They showed me how to use the equipment!
It was the best experience I have ever had with any type of service provider!
Great Job Guys!
Thank you!