Upgrade To New Softener System In Weaverville

Updating Old Equipment

WOW! there’s nothing like new equipment for your hard water issues for your home. Existing customer that we have been providing service with their older softener and iron filter has decided to go ahead and upgrade all the equipment with our American Made products that’s made right here in the USA. Not only does upgrading older equipment improve the quality of the water but it’s so much more energy efficient with an upgrade to the newest technology .


Hard Water is Now A Thing Of The Past For Them

So after our install of the new equipment, our customer noticed a big difference in the taste of the water and also the lack of the smell of the iron that was in the water. Remember, here at Mountain Water Systems we’d like to solve hard water problems. Bring your sample water to our store for a free test!

Rusty water is no good

We have Salt and filters at the Store

That’s right ! come by the store and purchase your bag of high quality salt for your softener and we also have filters in all sizes too

Best Salt For Softeners

Large House Filter Holder for Hard Water

Large House Filter Holder