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The Primary purpose of a water softener is to counter act the negative effects of hard water. Although hard water can be beneficial to humans, plants and animals it creates problems with build up of calcium and magnesium in plumbing pipes and appliances as well as hot water heaters which cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Mountain Water Systems of Asheville, North Carolina is a local, full service well and city water softening and conditioning company that specializes fixing hard water issues. Sales, service, maintenance, and repair to residential and light commercial water treatment and filtration equipment in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas. We provide the best service and quality you can find in a water softening, filtration, and purification company.

Mountain Water Systems helps you realize the benefits of pure water by servicing your existing water system or installing a new efficient system. Water is vital to good health in human beings, making up about 70% of the body. Just imagine pure water from your own faucet! 


 Remove Hard Water with Our Water Softener System


Remember ! Mountain Water Systems has been serving the Asheville and surrounding communities since 1984. We offer home and business owners the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality of drinking water possible and removing hard water.   Call Mountain Water Systems today for fair, honest and reliable service and products.


 Mountain Water Systems Owners Explain Their Mission For the Customers !


As Jim and Steve said, we can make your city or well water better by removing hard water and make it more enjoyable for you and your family. Also please feel free to drop off a bottle of your water for a free test and analysis of your water.


We service all of Western NC. Towns like Asheville, Weaverville, Arden, Waynesville, Fletcher and all area in between Call during business hours at 828-683-5400– Click here for Computer Work ?



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