Service After Installation Is Our Priority!

Many of our competitors will gladly sell you a water filtration system, but few will return to service it, especially if you’re having problems. We do business the old fashioned way; we stand behind our equipment 100% and will be there for you whenever you need us.


 Routine Maintenance Is Crucial



Our service is truly unmatched in the area. Whether you have existing filtration or just purchased one of our quality American made products for your business or home, we will track its performance and ensure that it is running efficiently and effectively. We recommend at a minimum an annual appointment for all equipment, and especially for acidic water neutralizers. Our flexible service intervals allow you to be completely hands off, and for us to catch problems early before you begin to notice them.

  In addition to routine equipment maintenance, we are happy to:

  • Deliver and refill your softener salt at whatever interval you require
  • Change any canister and in-line filters cartridge you may have

Free In-Store Testing For Hard Water, Iron And More

We offer free in-store water tests and encourage you to bring a sample by and learn what’s in your water. We can test for all of the common water nuisances in the area. Including:

  • Total Water Hardness
  • Total Iron & Ferrous Iron
  • PH Balance
  • TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide ( Rotten Egg Smell ) & Tannins
  • Chlorine


City Water needs Water Filtration Too !

Chlorine is used to eliminate waterborne pathogens in practically every municipal water system in the country, including those in and surrounding Asheville NC.  There have been many studies debating the health effects of ingesting chlorine and other additives in your water, but we believe that the fewer chemicals that are in your water the better. Plus, let’s be honest, chlorinated water simply tastes bad! We sell whole house carbon filters to remove chemicals and improve the taste of your water. The list of contaminates that Activated Carbon filters can take out is staggering and we recommend it for anyone on city water for peace of mind.

Also, just because you have city water doesn’t mean it’s not hard water.  If the water in your home is too hard for your liking or causing unwanted buildup on your appliances and fixtures,  a water softener can be used here too!


Get Hard Water Out of Your Well Water

Rusty water is no good


Well Water ( hard water ) can have an awful smell of rotten eggs, appear cloudy, and can cause stains to your fixtures. Mountain Water Systems can help you filter out these harmful substances found in your well and city water so we can give you the purest form of water for your home or business with our top of the line products.

We service all of Western North Carolina. Including these counties Buncombe, Madison, Henderson, Haywood, Yancey Mitchell, McDowell.



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