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Happy in Fletcher!

Fletcher Family Upgrades Iron Filter for Exceptional Water   Recently updated !

This customer in Fletcher has been with MWS for quite a few years. The existing iron filter was failing and wasn’t worth sinking money into without guaranteeing that it would work. We are still going to continue servicing the existing water softener, but we replaced […]

Neutralizer and Softener Fixed the Water Issues in Asheville   Recently updated !

A new Asheville customer was having some water problems! Acidity and Hard water were in their well water. They brought in a sample of their water to our office for the free test that we offer. Test results showed that the pH balance was deficient, […]

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Happy in Asheville

Customer in Asheville Upgrades Clack Valve adds New Softener

A customer who lives in Asheville and is a long time client with us just upgraded their Neutralizer head valve with a new Clack valve. This upgrade makes the neutralizer much more energy-efficient and saves you money on electricity. Our free water test also showed […]