Asheville Water Filtration Installs

New Homeowners Gets Water Filtration System

Neutralizer and Softener for Asheville Customer New Home

This Asheville customer contacted us because they were about to purchase a new home, so they wanted the water tested. We tested the water to find that the water was slightly hard with a low pH (acidic water). For metal plumbing, fittings, and fixtures not […]

Asheville Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

This Asheville customer already had a water filtration system in place. However, it was causing terrible pressure issues, and it was not filtering the well- water correctly. They came to the office with their water sample for the free testing we offer. New Neutralizer, Iron […]

Asheville Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

Triple Water Softener System Installed in Brewery

Local Asheville Brewery Gets Water Softeners Upgrade System

This local Asheville brewery has been a customer for quite some time. Their existing softener equipment failed and they wanted to update to a more efficient softening system. The boiler system at this business requires soft water all the time. So we recommended a twin-tank […]

Customer In Asheville Removes Rust Staining and Hard Water

This Asheville customer came to us because he was having rust-colored staining and hard water build-up. They had an existing system, but it was outdated, inefficient and not working as designed. We recommended replacing the system with new, efficient equipment that will remove the iron […]

Asheville Customer removes Iron and Hard Water

Asheville Customer Raises pH and removes Hard Water and Iron

This Asheville customer called us because they were having issues in the home with rust-colored staining, build-up, and a metallic taste/odor. We had first serviced the existing equipment for the prior owner in 2018. This new homeowner was ready to upgrade the system as we […]

Neutralizer Iron Filter and Water Softener Installed

Rust Colored Staining and Hard Water Build-Up in Asheville

Rust Colored Staining and Hard Water Build-Up in Asheville

This Asheville customer originally came to us because they were continuing to have rust colored staining, a metallic odor, and hard water build-up even though they had filtration equipment. We tested the untreated and treated water to figure out that the existing tank was not […]