Iron Filter and Softener Fixes Water Issues in Asheville

This family in Asheville came into our office with complaints of discolored water that stains everything (iron), as well as hard water build-up. We tested the water (Free-Test) to find higher levels of iron and hardness. We recommended and installed an iron filter to remove […]

Happy Asheville Family Now with No Hard Water

Happy Customer in Fairview with water systems

Fairview Customer Fixes low pH, Iron and Hard Water Issues

This Fairview customer gets new 3-tank filtration system for low pH, iron, and hard water. They came to us because they have tried other filtration systems over the years with very little success. She was ready to move forward with clean water. New Neutralizer, Iron […]

Asheville Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

Asheville Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

This Asheville customer already had a water filtration system in place. However, it was causing terrible pressure issues, and it was not filtering the well- water correctly. They came to the office with their water sample for the free testing we offer. New Neutralizer, Iron […]

Fletcher Customer Upgrades Water Filtration Systems with MWS

This customer in Fletcher is upgrading his water filtration system with Mountain Water Systems! Having tried other water filtration companies over the years, he was frustrated because nothing seemed to work correctly. Iron in the water, water hardness was still happening. Then he called MWS! […]

Fletcher Customer Upgrades Water Filtration Systems with MWS

Neutralizer Iron Filter and Water Softener Installed

Asheville Customer Raises pH and removes Hard Water and Iron

This Asheville customer called us because they were having issues in the home with rust-colored staining, build-up, and a metallic taste/odor. We had first serviced the existing equipment for the prior owner in 2018. This new homeowner was ready to upgrade the system as we […]