Weaverville Customer Gets Iron Filter and Softener Installed

This customer who lives in Weaverville came to Mountain Water Systems office because they had rust-colored staining and water hardness issues. We performed our free in-office water test. We found high iron and hardness, we recommended and installed an American-made Iron Filter and Water Softener!

Great Water in Weaverville

Happy Family in Weaverville!

Customer in Weaverville Adds Iron Filter and Water Softener

This Weaverville customer has been with Mountain Water Systems for a few years. We had been servicing the existing water softener, but the well-water supply had some iron issues, and the iron was causing problems with the softener. So, we recommended and installed an Iron […]

Weaverville Customer Goes for the Whole Filtration Package

This Weaverville customer purchased this home recently and wanted to ensure the water was as clean as possible. We performed our free water test in our office and found high iron, low pH, and hard water. The customer also had a positive bacteria test conducted […]

Weaverville customer gets the whole filtration system!

Weaverville Family Enjoying Perfect Water

Neutralizer, Iron Filter and Water Softener Installed

This customer in Weaverville recently moved into their new home. They had noticed staining and whitish power build-up issues on the house. So we offered to them free water testing at the office. After the results, we had our recommendations for water filtration. This well-water […]

Updated Water Filtration System Fixes Hardness and pH Issue

Weaverville’s new customer came to Mountain Water Systems because they had staining issues with their old and outdated filtration system. The iron filter and softener just stopped working. They brought the water sample into our office for free testing. Results showed a low pH, iron, […]

Another Happy Weaverville Customer