Solving Sediment and Hard Water Issues in Weaverville

Weaverville Family Happy with Investment!This customer from Weaverville approached us due to recurring sediment problems in their water supply. Wanting to ensure a comprehensive solution, they provided a sample of their water for our free in-office testing. We found not only the anticipated sediment but also discovered the water was moderately hard. Water hardness can lead to scaling in pipes and appliances, making it vital to address the sediment issue. We installed the following;

Settling Tank: Given the sediment concern, we installed a Settling Tank. This tank allows larger sediment particles to settle at the bottom, making subsequent filtration more effective.
Sediment Filter: Following the Settling Tank, we added a Sediment Filter. This filter captures any remaining sediment particles, ensuring cleaner water throughout the home.
Water Softener: To address the hard water, we installed a Water Softener. This system removes the minerals causing water hardness, safeguarding pipes and appliances while improving water quality.
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