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Neutralizer, Water Softener and Sediment Filter Does the Job

This customer in Mars Hill, NC, called our office explaining that their new property was purchased and there were water issues. We performed an on-site evaluation, and the water testing showed a low pH and hard water issue with some sand-type sediment. As a result, […]

Mars Hill Family Loving Their Water

Neutralizer and Water Softener Needed in Candler

This customer from Candler came to us because he has issues with their well-water quality. So they brought in a water sample for your free testing. The test shows a small amount of iron, low pH, high acidity, and hard water. No More Water Hardness […]

Loving Their Water in Candler

Burnsville Customer Loving Their water!

Burnsville Customer Upgrades Neutralizer For Better Water

This customer in Burnsville has used Mountain Water Systems water filtration service for many years. We installed a Water Softener in 2013 and continued to service their existing neutralizer that pre-dated our products and services. New Neutralizer Upgrades Does the Job Their Neutralizer was failing, […]

Asheville Customer Adds Neutralizer with Existing Softener

This long-time Mountain Water Systems customer in Asheville already had a Water Softener and a Sediment Filter from us. Unfortunately, the well water quality has changed over the years, and the water supply from the well has become acidic. The water test showed low pH. […]

Water Supply Needs Neutralizer