Alexander Customer Adds Water Softener and Sediment Filter

This customer in Alexander came to us because they were experiencing mineral build-up and dry skin/hair. We tested the water at no charge in our office and found moderately hard water. We recommended & installed a Water Softener to remove the calcium/magnesium (water hardness) from […]

Now They Have Great Water

Happy Family in Alexander

Alexander Customer Needs Neutralizer and a Water Softener

This Alexander customer brought a water sample into our office for our free water test. We found that the water was acidic (low pH) and had some water hardness. Therefore, we recommended and installed a Neutralizer and a Water Softener to give this new customer […]

Neutralizer-Water Softener Installed in Alexander Community

A customer who lives in the  Alexander community came to our office for the free water test offer. They had Google search; how the fix hard water problems. Mountain Water Systems website came right up. Test results showed a high hard water level and low […]

Alexander family loving their Water Now

Alexander Family loving Their Water

Settling Tank Replaces small Sediment Filter in Alexander

Existing customer of Mountain Water Systems who lives in Alexander was having problems with large amounts of fine sediment from their well-water supply. Their small sediment filter could not do the job anymore. This problem was keeping their existing filtration system from working correctly. We […]

Happy Alexander Family!!

Customer in Alexander Gets an Iron Filter to Stop Staining

This Alexander customer stopped by our office in North Asheville with a water sample because they were having complaints of rust colored staining. We performed our in-office free water test and found that they have an iron issue. We recommended and installed an American made […]

Existing Alexander Customer Adds Water Softener for Hardness

This long time Mountain Water Systems customer in Alexander had decided to address the hard water issue. They already had a Neutralizer installed from us, and they were ready to add the water softener. The softener removes the hardness in the water and now they […]

Happy in Alexander with their new Softener