Solving The Iron Staining and Hard Water Issues In Arden

Arden Family Loving Their Water Supply Now!A new homeowner in Arden reached out to us for assistance. They were grappling with persistent iron staining within their new home, causing frustration and concerns about water quality. Eager to resolve the issue, they took advantage of our complimentary water testing service in the office. We conducted a thorough analysis of the water sample. The results revealed two primary concerns: elevated iron levels and the presence of hard water.


Iron Filter and Water Softener Installation is the Solution 

We suggested the installation of an advanced Iron Filter and a high-quality Water Softener. This combination effectively targets both issues, ensuring clean, stain-free water for the household. We also installed a Sediment Filter to filter-out mineral build up.

Customer Satisfaction and Lasting Results

By addressing the iron staining and hard water issues at the root of the problem, we provided a long-lasting remedy that enhanced our customers’ overall quality of life.