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Arden Family Gets Neutralizer and Water Softener Installed

This Arden customer brought samples of their well-water supply to our office for the free water test. We tested the water and found a low ph (acidic water) and hardness. Therefore, we recommended and installed a Neutralizer to increase pH and a Water Softener to […]

Arden Family Loving Their Water Now!!

Happy Asheville Home Community

Asheville Community Upgrades Their Water Filtration System

This small Asheville community has a water filtration system that provides water for multiple homes. They came to us a few years ago to take over service on their older equipment because they complained of rust-colored staining and discolored water. Neutralizer, Iron Filter and Water […]

Mills River Customer Now has Great Water!

Mills River Customer Gets Sediment Filter and Water Softener

This customer in the Mills River area came to us because they had a white build-up on fixtures and dry skin and hair issues. They brought a sample of their well water into our office for the free water test. We found moderate hardness in […]