New Home Gets Neutralizer, Sediment Filter and Softener

This customer in Swannanoa came to us because they purchased a new home. They’ve used Mountain Water Systems in the past and decided to stay with us. We performed our free test in the office and discussed results. We recommended and installed a Neutralizer for […]

Happy Swannanoa Family Now has Great Water

Candler Customer Upgrades Softener, Iron Filter and More

This Candler customer had recently bought this home and discovered the existing water filtration system was not working. The customer was having issues with rust colored staining (iron) and build-up (hardness). So, we recommended an iron filter to remove the iron and a water softener […]

Candler Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

New Homeowners Gets Water Filtration System

Neutralizer and Softener for Asheville Customer New Home

This Asheville customer contacted us because they were about to purchase a new home, so they wanted the water tested. We tested the water to find that the water was slightly hard with a low pH (acidic water). For metal plumbing, fittings, and fixtures not […]

Fletcher Customer Upgrades Water Filtration Systems with MWS

This customer in Fletcher is upgrading his water filtration system with Mountain Water Systems! Having tried other water filtration companies over the years, he was frustrated because nothing seemed to work correctly. Iron in the water, water hardness was still happening. Then he called MWS! […]

Fletcher Customer Upgrades Water Filtration Systems with MWS

New Iron Filter, Softener and Neutralizer After Testing

Asheville Customer Gets New Iron Filter, Softener and Neutralizer

This Asheville customer came to us over a year ago because of iron staining, hardness, and other water concerns. They had an existing system that they wanted to keep working just for a while longer. They recently decided that they wanted to replace the inefficient, […]