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Weaverville Customer Updates Neutralizer, Water Softener

This existing customer in Weaverville has been with Mountain Water Systems for years. It was time to upgrade the neutralizer and water softener we installed several years ago. We installed a new American-made neutralizer to raise the low pH (acidic water), a water softener to […]

Existing Customer Loves the Upgrade!

Candler Customer Upgrades Softener, Iron Filter and More

This Candler customer had recently bought this home and discovered the existing water filtration system was not working. The customer was having issues with rust colored staining (iron) and build-up (hardness). So, we recommended an iron filter to remove the iron and a water softener […]

Candler Customer Upgrades Water Filtration System

Weaverville Customer Gets Neutralizer and Water Softener

This Weaverville customer invested in a neutralizer and water softener from Mountain Water Systems. They came to us because they were having white build-up and some blue-green staining. The staining is indicative of a low pH leeching metal from the plumbing into the water supply. […]

Bring Your Water Sample To The Office For Free Testing

Customer Adds Softener and Iron Filter For Better Water

We just installed a water softener and an iron filter to this existing customer in Asheville. They have been a long time client with Mountain Water Systems and had purchased another home that is on well water. The water was causing staining and discoloration. This […]

Asheville Customer Adds Softener and Iron Filter

Iron Filter, Neutralizer and Water Softener Does The Job

This family in Candler had big time issues with their water, and decided to go with an Iron filter, Neutralizer and a Softener from Mountain Water Systems. They were having problems with staining, discoloration and also water hardness. We tested the water (Free Testing) to […]

Iron Filter, Neutralizer and Water Softener Does The Job