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Iron Filter, Neutralizer and Water Softener Does The Job

This family in Candler had big time issues with their water, and decided to go with an Iron filter, Neutralizer and a Softener from Mountain Water Systems. They were having problems with staining, discoloration and also water hardness. We tested the water (Free Testing) to […]

Iron Filter, Neutralizer and Water Softener Does The Job

Asheville Customer Gets New Softener For Hard Water Issue

This new Asheville customer recently purchased a home and noticed issues with the existing water softener. Hard water was really bad, so she called us (Mountain Water Systems) to see if we could help. After the free testing of the water, it was determined that […]

New Customer Gets Water Softener For Hard Water In Asheville

Hard Water, Iron And pH Level Fixed In Haywood County

This Haywood County (Clyde) customer was having some severe hard water buildup and also iron (rusty) staining everywhere. They have been looking for a solution and talked to several water filtration companies in Western North Carolina, including us. They decided to go with Mountain Water […]

New Clyde Customer Gets Three Filtration System