Long Time Customer in Candler Upgrades Filtration Systems

Long Time Candler Customer Upgrades Filtration Systems

Long time customer in Candler Get New SystemOne of our long time customer who lives in Candler NC have been having issues with her iron filter the we installed years ago. We replace the head of that filter and everything worked great now ! While there, she was wondering about getting a water softener so we took a sample of her water to our free test and found that water was also hard and also had a bit of an issue with the pH balance.

Water Softener and Neutralizer Saves The Day

So we came back the following week and installed the whole system as you can see with the photo on your left. Needless to say she is happy with her filtration system and also our amazing Service. Water Softener for hardness, Iron Filter for iron issues and a Neutralizer for pH issues.


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