Asheville Customer Corrects City Water with Carbon Filter

Happy customers with their Carbon filter investment.A new Asheville customer reached out to us because they had issues with their city water supply. They could smell a chlorine odor in the water, and they didn’t want to drink or feel it on their skin anymore. They Googled (water filtration) in Asheville, and Mountain Water Systems were the first ones to come up. After reading several blogs on our website about recent installations of all different water filtration variations, they decided to bring their sample water bottle to the store for a free test. The results showed chlorine and other impurities in the water. We suggested installing a carbon filter for the whole house filtration.

Carbon Filter does the Job For the Customer

The carbon filter removes chlorine’s smell and taste and all different types of contaminants in the water. After the install and about a week later, we received a call from them saying that the water was incredibly fantastic. Pleased clients! Are you having water quality issues? Call us @ 828-683-5400 or email us by clicking here