Customer Had Water Hardness And Iron Staining Issues

Weaverville Customer With Water Hardness Iron Staining This Weaverville customer called our office due to their rental home having water hardness and discolored (iron) water with staining. This customer had an existing filtration tank that was inadequate for the water issues and the size of the home. Other companies (plumbers) had been trying to solve their water issues, but with no avail the customer decided to call a company specializing in water filtration.

Our Free Water Testing Found Multiple Issues

We performed our free water testing evaluation and found multiple issues. They had a low pH, hard water and lots of iron. We recommended replacing with new equipment that includes a warranty. The customer decided to go with our recommendation of all new American Made equipment. We installed a Neutralizer to raise the pH, an Iron filter to remove the iron and a water softener to remove the hard water. No more hard, discolored water for this Weaverville home!


Free Hardness and Iron Testing