Hard Water, Iron And pH Level Fixed In Haywood County

New Clyde Customer Gets Three Filtration SystemThis Haywood County (Clyde) customer was having some severe hard water buildup and also iron (rusty) staining everywhere. They have been looking for a solution and talked to several water filtration companies in Western North Carolina, including us. They decided to go with Mountain Water Systems because of our knowledge of water filtration and they also read online about our excellent customer service reviews. We installed an iron filter for the staining issue, a water softener for the hard water problems and also after the test results discovered that they had a pH balance problem. So we also installed a neutralizer.

How Happy Was This Clyde Customer

We got a call from the customer the same day of the install, and they already could tell the difference in the quality of their water. So now we have another happy customer and is satisfied with our American Made water filtration products and also our excellent service. Call the office @ 828-683-5400 to learn more about your free water testing!