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Mountain Water Systems Going To Build & Remodel Expo 2018

Mountain Water Systems has been going to the Build & Remodel Expo at the Ag Center for eight years! Come by the booth and check out what’s new in the water filtration world in 2018. We have helped thousands of people in Asheville and all of Western North Carolina, improving the quality of every client’s […]

All New 2018 Platinum Filtration Series For Asheville

Platinum Series Install In Asheville

New Customer in Asheville Get Platinum Series Filtration

New customer in Asheville wanted to have their well water tested for possible hard water. They just moved into their newly built home. Performed a Google search online about water softeners and hard water and they saw our website right on top! After reading some of our blogs of past installs and happy customers all […]

Platinum Series Softener & Iron Filter Install In Asheville

A new customer in the Asheville area came by the office to take advantage of our free water testing. After showing her our different product levels of filtration systems, she decided to purchase our top of the line Platinum Series  water softener and iron filter. After talking to her for a while; we realized this […]

Platinum Series water softener & iron filter

Best Iron Filter Installed For Customer’s Fletcher Home

A family in Fletcher just had MWS install their top of the line Platinum Iron filter system! Alongside an existing water softener. They had noticed a discoloration and also a metallic smell and taste.The customer decided to invest and get the best iron filter available in Asheville and also in the industry. They Googled best […]

Platinum Series Neutralizer Fix Acidic Water In Marshall

A family in Marshall was having an appalling acidic issue with their water. A neutralizer from Mountain Water Systems solved the problem. We recommended the  Platinum Series Neutralizer, which is the best in the water filtration industry. The customer was very pleased with the installation and the result of the water quality.  Platinum Series requires very […]

Platinum Series Neutralizer Fix Acidic Water In Marshall

Black Mountain Customer Gets Iron Filter & Neutralizer

Black Mountain Customer Gets Iron Filter & Neutralizer

New customer in Black Mountain NC solves the metal tasting water problem with our filtration products! This install consist of our Platinum Series iron filter for the iron water issues they were having, and also neutralizer for low PH reading (acidic water ) issues. Platinum Series is the top of the line water filtration system […]

The Build And Remodel Expo In Asheville Was Great

Okay, we had a great time at the Build and Remodeled Expo in the Ag Center in Asheville. John and I got to meet a lot of people that had a lot of questions about our water filtration system. Ask the most questions about water softeners and iron filters which art are number one and […]

Old Water Softener Systems

Softener, Iron Filter And Neutralizer Filtration Upgrade

New Asheville customer needed to upgrade his water filtration system which consisted of a water softener and an Iron filter. The system was quite old and outdated in technology. The water had an unpleasant odor and felt hard. He wanted the best that’s in the water filtration business, and he chose Mountain Water Systems Platinum […]

Asheville Neutralizer Install For Acidic Water Issues

Asheville family gets the neutralizer to combat acidic water issue. The family was having a problem with the water but couldn’t figure it out if it was hard water issues or something else.     Took their bottle of sample water to the OFFICE for the FREE TEST that we provide and found that they had a […]

Asheville Neutralizer Install For Acidic Water Issues

Custom Water Softener Carbon Filter System For City Water

Custom Water Softener Carbon Filter System For City Water

Customer in the City of Asheville has city water and was not happy with the quality of the water provided. They were looking for a solution that could possibly removed some of the chemicals that are in city water and they were looking into some kind of water filtration system. Customer typed in water softener […]