New Customer In Candler Gets Complete Filtration System

They just bought a new home and noticed terrible water quality. They saw rusty-orangey stains in the bath tubs and all the stinks in the house. They Googled hard water & rusty, smelly water and our website came up. They brought in their sampled bottle of water to our office for Geneva to perform the free […]

New customer in Candler, Gets Complete Water Filtration System

Customer In Candler Gets Iron Filter For Rusty Water

Customer In Candler Gets Iron Filter For Rusty Water

A Mountain Water Systems  “existing customer” in Candler NC was complaining about a rusty, metallic taste and decoloration of their water at their home. Staining in the bath tub and sinks was getting worse. They have a water softener and a neutralizer that they had bought from us several years ago. So they knew what […]

Weaverville Customer Upgrades Whole House Filtration System

Existing customer in Weaverville had a water softener purchased years ago. Recently they were having a constant problem with iron staining and also as we found out after our free testing a low pH balance. So they decided to go for the complete water filtration upgrade. A water softener to remove minerals in the water. An […]

Weaverville Customer Upgrades Three water filters

Weaverville Family Upgrade Iron & Water Softener Systems

Weaverville Family Upgrades Iron & Water Softener System

New Weaverville customer purchased a home with an existing water softener and iron filter system. They came into our office to have their water tested because they were not sure how long it had been since the previous service. The Free water test showed iron coming through into the home as well as hard water. […]

New Water Neutralizer Filtration Install In Mars Hill

An existing customer in Mars Hill needed to upgrade her water filtration system.  She already had a softener for the hard water issues from Mountain Water Systems but noticed a metallic taste recently. Our free water testing result showed the pH balance was low, which means the water was acidic. The low pH was causing leaks in […]

Exiting Customer needed water filter upgrade in Mars hill

Weaverville Family Gets The Whole Water Filtration System

Weaverville Family Gets The Whole Water Filtration System

Family in Weaverville replaces their old filtration system with our Made In USA system. They decided to go with a three filtration system. They purchased a water softener for hard water issues, and a neutralizer for pH balance issues and a carbon filter to purify the water.  This was a huge upgrade and investment! But […]

Platinum Series Neutralizer Fix Acidic Water In Marshall

A family in Marshall was having an appalling acidic issue with their water. A neutralizer from Mountain Water Systems solved the problem. We recommended the  Platinum Series Neutralizer, which is the best in the water filtration industry. The customer was very pleased with the installation and the result of the water quality.  Platinum Series requires very […]

Platinum Series Neutralizer Fix Acidic Water In Marshall

Excellent-Workmanship-At Mountain Water Systems

Install Water Softener And Neutralizer In Hendersonville

New customer install in Hendersonville this morning. Installed an Neutralizer for low pH (acidic water) and a water softener for hard water. They are very happy with the fact now they have great water, but also the filtration system saves the appliances from damage due to hardness in the well water.