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East Asheville Community Gets Water Filter System Upgrade

This East Asheville customer had an existing filtration system that was not doing the job. The single well was providing water to eight homes in this small community. The water was hard and also had an orange tinge to it. Residents were even complaining about the water staining everything. Something had to be done! After […]

Upgrade To Iron Filters And Water Softeners Nailed It

Leicester Customer Rids Hard, Rust Staining Water

Leicester Customer Rids Hard, Rust Staining Water

  This Leicester customer had complaints of hard water; rust colored staining with a terrible sulfur odor. We initially went to service the existing equipment, just to find out that many parts needed replacing. The homeowners decided to go with all-new American Made filtration system that we carry. So that they wouldn’t have any other […]

New Water Softener, Neutralizer & Carbon Filter In Arden

  The customer was concerned about the low pH from a previous water test. They decided to take care of everything at one time. We installed our American Made neutralizer to raise the pH, a water softener to remove any hardness and a carbon filter to purify the water to make it taste great.   We […]

Customer In Arden Gets All Three Filter

Burnsville Customer Get Water Softener, Iron Filter

Bad Water Odor And Taste Has New Customer In Burnsville Calling

This new Burnsville customer came into our Asheville office multiple times to discuss his water issues. He brought us a water sample for our free water testing so that we could figure out the cause of his complaints. The water was hard, and it had quite a bit of iron, which was causing the bad […]

New Customer In Candler Gets Complete Filtration System

They just bought a new home and noticed terrible water quality. They saw rusty-orangey stains in the bath tubs and all the stinks in the house. They Googled hard water & rusty, smelly water and our website came up. They brought in their sampled bottle of water to our office for Geneva to perform the free […]

New customer in Candler, Gets Complete Water Filtration System

Excellent-Workmanship-At Mountain Water Systems

Install Water Softener And Neutralizer In Hendersonville

New customer install in Hendersonville this morning. Installed an Neutralizer for low pH (acidic water) and a water softener for hard water. They are very happy with the fact now they have great water, but also the filtration system saves the appliances from damage due to hardness in the well water.

Wedge Brewing Get Twin Carbon Filters In Second Location

Asheville’s Wedge Brewing Company’s second location gets the Platinum Series Carbon filters too! We installed twin Platinum Series Carbon filters to remove the impurities from the city water, so that they have better water to brew their  beer. By the way, we had installed the same equipment in their first brewery location and they liked […]

Wedge Brewing Get Twin Carbon Filters In Second Location

Fairview Family Get Neutralizer For pH Issues

Family in Fairview  North Carolina just had  a neutralizer  install by us because of some pH balance issues. What does a neutralizer do? Its purpose is to lower the acidic levels in your water, and it raises it up to safe quality level for drinking. Plus it also helps with the elimination of plumbing corrosion […]

Fairview Family Get Neutralizer For pH Issues

The Build And Remodel Expo In Asheville Was Great

Okay, we had a great time at the Build and Remodeled Expo in the Ag Center in Asheville. John and I got to meet a lot of people that had a lot of questions about our water filtration system. Ask the most questions about water softeners and iron filters which art are number one and […]