Exiting Weaverville Customer Gets Iron And Carbon Filters   Recently updated !

Existing customer in Weaverville already had one of our water softeners but had recently started to notice staining and a bad taste to the water. They brought in a bottle sample of water to the office for our free testing. Results showed that they needed an iron filter and a carbon filter. Our American Made […]

Weaverville Customer Gets New Iron and Carbon Filter

Sulfur Odor Family In Asheville Can’t Stand

Today we installed an iron filter and also a water softener for a customer in Asheville. The customer was complaining about the sulfur odor coming from their well-water. So they drop off a water sample (bottled) for our free test¬† that we offer anybody who wants to have their water tested for hardness, iron and […]

Sulfur Odor Family In Asheville Can't Stand