New Customer Gets Sediment Filter To Fix Water Issue

This Asheville customer has a complaint of particles in their water that’s coming into the home. We tested their water sample and find no evidence of anything out of the ordinary. No water softener or iron filter was needed. So our recommendation was an in-line filter to catch any particulates before entering the home’s plumbing […]

Asheville Customer Needs Sediment Filter To Fix Water Issue

Great water Now With Neutralizer

Family In Saluda NC Gets Neutralizer For Acidic Water Issue

  Our new customer in Saluda NC started to notice blueish/green staining in their bathtub and kitchen sink. Saw our website on the internet and called the office. After talking with Geneva on the phone, she immediately scheduled an installation of a neutralizer. This water conditioner corrects the pH balance of the water and no […]

Zirconia Softener install

New Water Softener Install In Zirconia NC

Just installed a new water softener and replaced a computer motherboard in a Neutralizer, that corrects pH water balance. Family in Zirconia NC  were having hard water issues so having been established customers for their Neutralizer system that also needed service, they dropped off the bottle of  their sample water (FREE TEST).  Tested that they […]