New Iron Filter Stop Water Staining In Burnsville Home

This Burnsville customer had complaints of discolored water and staining. They originally came to us because the existing iron filter was not working properly. We performed our free water test in the office to find that the well has a significant amount of iron and the existing filter was not appropriately sized for the home. […]

Iron Filter Install For Burnsville Customer

Iron Filter Solves Discolored Water Issue In Leicester

Iron Filter Solves Discolored Water Issue In Leicester

  This Leicester customer called the office asking for help with iron in the well water. They brought their sample of water to the office for our free water testing. We test for hardness, iron, pH levels and sediments in the water. After testing, we recommended and installed an American Made  iron filter to remove […]

Hard Water Issue Concerns Arden Homeowner With Appliances

Hard water can cause a lot of issues with your home appliances and plumbing. This  Arden customer was finding this out real fast. They were having severe white powdery build-up on appliances and fixtures. We suggested testing their water. They had no problem driving up to the store in North Asheville for our free water testing. […]

Arden Customer Gets Hardness Out

All New 2018 Platinum Filtration Series For Asheville

Mountain Water Systems Going To Build & Remodel Expo 2018

Mountain Water Systems has been going to the Build & Remodel Expo at the Ag Center for eight years! Come by the booth and check out what’s new in the water filtration world in 2018. We have helped thousands of people in Asheville and all of Western North Carolina, improving the quality of every client’s […]

Hard Water & Staining Gone In Fletcher

Existing Fletcher Customer Upgrades Filtration System

One of our existing customers in Fletcher  knew it was time for a water filtration upgrade. His old softener & iron filter was going downhill fast. The issue with this well water was iron staining and hard water buildup. We upgraded to our American Made iron filter and water softener. Everything’s set up, so the […]