Black Mountain Customer Upgrades Water Softener And More

  This longtime customer was ready to upgrade their water softener. The old softener was using so much more salt to remove hard water from the well; it just was not cost effective. Something was wrong. It was time for a water test! We discovered during the free water testing we provide that they also […]

Black Mountain Customer Upgrades Water Filtration Systems

Iron Water Removed By MWSystems

Iron Filter Removes Rust Staining For Fairview Customer

New customer in Fairview had enough with the rusty staining and discolored water. They emailed our office with the county’s water test results. Sure enough! Iron issues. Mountain Water System technicians installed a new American Made Iron filter that we always have in stock. After the install, there were no signs of iron in the […]

Candler Customer Upgrades Filtration System With Ours

New customer in Candler NC had an aging water filtration system consisting of a water softener and an iron filter. So, we replaced their old equipment with Mountain Water System’s  American Made filtration equipment. We installed an iron filter for iron issues and a water softener for hard water issues. Iron and hardness in the […]

Candler Customer Upgrades Filtration System With Ours

We Sell Bags Of Salt For Softeners For Asheville

Iron Filter Install In Canton in Family Home

Install in Canton NC this morning of an iron filter for iron and sediment issues. They had some very smelly, orange looking water. After the install, we open the water lines. Customers were amazed at the improvement. The next thing they are going to get is a water softener to compete for their whole house […]

Mills River Family Has No More Hard Water Issues

Family in the Mills River community complaining about hard water issues came by the office here at Mountain Water Systems and drop off their sampled water which we provide a free testing. After the testing we saw that they needed one of our American Made  water softener for hard water and also a neutralizer for […]

Mills River Hard Water Porblems

Updating Old Equipment

Upgrade To New Softener System In Weaverville

WOW! there’s nothing like new equipment for your hard water issues for your home. Existing customer that we have been providing service with their older softener and iron filter has decided to go ahead and upgrade all the equipment with our American Made products that’s made right here in the USA. Not only does upgrading […]